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Route & parking

The harbour at Holwert is easily accessible by car. There are adequate parking facilities at our two car parks.

Plan your route

Please use the following address for the destination in your route planner:

Grândyk 2b
9151 AE Holwert

For information on road works and any obstructions on your route, please refer to www.vanAnaarBeter.nl.

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Parking in Holwerd

There are two car parks in Holwert. The P1 car park is situated close to the terminal. The car park is open 7 days a week from 5.30 to 21.00. You can access the car park and the grounds using your bank card or credit card. You can exit the car park with your car at any time.

Large vehicles and trailers

If your vehicle is longer than 6 meters (e.g. a camper) or if you are bringing a trailer, a different parking fee will apply. Please also note that our car park only has a limited number of spaces for larger vehicles and trailers. On busy days, these parking spaces fill up quickly. Consequently, there may not be any available spaces when you arrive. Unfortunately, reserving a space in advance is not possible. Please keep this in mind if you want to park your camper van or trailer at Holwert.


If the P1 car park is full

Be aware that on busy days P1 may be full and you will be directed to P2, which is situated approx. 2.5km from the terminal. It then takes longer to reach the terminal: please keep this in mind when estimating your travelling time. Busy days are the days of travel around the holiday periods, public holidays, weekends and the summer period. You can make use of the Wagenborg shuttle buses (touring cars) that run between P2 and the terminal. Is there no shuttle bus waiting at the terminal to take you back to your car? Please report at the parking attendant’s office at P1.

When can you pay?

Upon arrival
Upon arrival, you can pay at one of the payment terminals right after parking your vehicle. You can pay for a day’s parking, or pay ahead for a period of up to 7 days (if you want to park for a longer period of time, you pay on departure). When you leave, you can drive straight to the exit and once the system has identified your licence plate number, the barrier will go up for you.

Upon departure
On the day of departure, you can pay at one of the payment terminals and then exit once your vehicle is identified by the licence plate recognition system. Forgot to pay and already in the queue at the exit? No problem, you can also pay by PIN at the exit barrier.

Tip: Are you visiting Ameland for the day? Why not pay right away at the payment terminal while waiting for the ferry! You can then immediately drive to the car park exit at the end of the day.

Where can you pay?



How can you pay




Paying with a different bank card than the one you used to enter

Did you enter with one bank card, but want to exit and pay using a different bank card? This is possible by paying for your parking at a payment machine.

You can search by licence plate number and then pay with any bank card, credit card or cash. You can then exit once your vehicle has been identified by the licence plate recognition system. If you want to pay by bank card or credit card, you can also drive straight to the exit (barrier) and pay there. The licence plate recognition system will display the amount to be paid.

Would you like a receipt?

Receipts are only issued at the payment terminals, not at the exit. Immediately after payment, press the ‘Print bon’ button on the display to print a receipt.

Upon departure

When exiting the car park, the system recognises your licence plate and the barrier will go up.

If you have chosen to pay at the barrier, you must first present the bank card you used to enter the car park

Charging your electric car

Are you travelling to Holwert by electric car? You now have the opportunity to charge your car while you are on Ameland, so that your battery will be fully charged again for your trip back home. You can use your regular EV charge card. Don't have a charging card? Scan the QR-code on the side of the charging station. You can then download the Charging Station App (App Store and Google Play). Keep your credit or debit card handy. Reservation is not required.

  • If one of the charging stations is free, you can simply connect your car.
  • The start rate is €1.75, followed by the market rate per kWh.
  • You can use your regular EV charge card, and there is no maximum charging time.
  • No need to worry about charging time; you pay per kWh.
  • In addition to the charging costs, you also pay the regular parking fee of €7.50 per day.
  • Please take into account that we cannot guarantee there are free charging stations when you arrive at Holwert.

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