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The wagenborg pass

Fast and easy

The Wagenborg pass is beneficial for passengers who make regular crossings to and from Ameland or Schiermonnikoog. Credits on the pass give you fast and easy boarding access.



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The benefits

  • You can upgrade your Wagenborg pass with a 10 or 20-crossing credit for the Ferry or Fast Ferry. This reduces the price per crossing.
  • The credit is valid indefinitely, and is not bound to one person.
  • If you buy the credit before April 1st or after October 1st, it reduces the cost of our ferry rates because you will then avoid the summer surcharge.
  • You do not have to queue up at the counter for buying a ticket.
  • A crossing will automatically be debited from your credit during check-in. This is done at the entrance gates in the terminals at Holwert and Lauwersoog, at the car desk or during check in for the Fast Ferry

Very easy and convenient.

Request a Wagenborg pass

You can apply for a Wagenborg pass online or at our customer service counter in our head office in Nes.

We encourage you to:

Please note: You need two passes for one person and a vehicle of up to 5.5 meters.

Practical information

Check your credit and upgrade online

Use "My Wagenborg" and the balance checkers in the terminals and Nes office to check the credit remaining on your Wagenborg pass. You can upgrade your credit via My Wagenborg, at the counters in the Holwert and Lauwersoog terminals, and at our customer service counter in our head office in Nes.