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When do we install cookies?

We use cookies on our website to optimise our services. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies on wpd.nl and m.wpd.nl. A cookie is a small file that is installed on your device when you visit our website and which stores information about your visit. These cookies help us ensure that you do not receive or have to enter the same information each time you visit our website.

What is stored in the cookies depends in part on your browser settings. Most browsers can be set to refuse cookies or to notify you when a website wants to install a cookie on your device. More instructions about how you can adjust your browser settings can be found under the ‘Help’ tab in the toolbar of most browsers. However, although you can still visit our site if you refuse cookies, it may be possible that certain services or elements of the website will not function optimally.

Most cookies used by us are automatically deleted from your device at the end of the browser session. These are for example cookies that allow you to use the shopping cart feature while browsing multiple pages of our website. We also use cookies which are permanently stored on your device. These are used to automatically recognise you the next time you visit our website and to remember what data you entered before and what settings you prefer. These cookies are specifically designed to make our website more user-friendly, efficient and secure.

Read more about cookies in our privacy statement

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