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Wagenborg CO2 Compensation Fund makes a contribution to the ‘Ameland in bloei’ project

14 March 2022

The independent assessment committee of the Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten CO2 Compensation Fund has granted the requested amount of €3,025 to a project proposal submitted by Wildbeheereenheid-Ameland. With their project ‘Ameland in bloei’ (Ameland in bloom), WBE-Ameland wants to improve the biodiversity on the island by creating wildflower fields. These are not only good for biodiversity, but also contribute to a beautiful landscape.

Wildbeheereenheid-Ameland (WBE-Ameland) wants to improve the biodiversity on the island with the project. Wildflower fields are fields or roadsides that have been sown with a mixture of different wildflowers, which makes them more nutritious than the current poor soil and ensures more cover for birds and small game. The fields also become more attractive to insects and they form beautiful, colourful elements in the landscape. WBE already conducted a pilot with wildflower fields last year, which gave good results. The requested contribution from the CO2 Compensation Fund is destined for the purchase of seed mixtures.

WBE-Ameland was founded in 1982 and aims to achieve a balanced wildlife population on the island. The wildlife managers do this not only by hunting but also by conducting wildlife counts, nature clean-up days and courses on e.g. roe deer, big game and wildlife hygiene. The management unit has 90 members and five affiliated associations.

The CO2 Compensation Fund was set up by Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten with the aim of compensating for the CO2 emissions of the ferry service. Passengers on the ferries to Schiermonnikoog and Ameland can pay a voluntary surcharge to help offset the emissions from their crossing. Wagenborg guarantees a budget of €30,000 per year; if this amount is not fully allocated, the remaining amount will remain in the fund for use in following years. The village councils on Schiermonnikoog and Ameland form an independent committee that evaluates the proposals submitted using clear criteria. The municipalities of Schiermonnikoog and Ameland handle the administration of the applications. Islanders can submit project proposals each January to receive financing from the fund. Calls for new proposals are published through various channels in the autumn.