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As a result of relaxations of the coronation measures, passengers no longer have to make a Wagenborg ferry reservation in advance from 2 July onwards (press release)

1 July 2020

Starting on Wednesday 1 July, the capacity restrictions on public transport have been lifted. All the places on board are available again, to ensure that more people can take the ferry to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. In addition to the government's decision to lift the capacity restriction, the Veiligheidsregio's (Security Regions) have also lifted the obligation to make reservations for public transport. It is therefore no longer necessary to make a ferry reservation in advance.

What are the changes for you?

In concrete terms, this means that anyone who wants to go to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog without a car can travel whenever they want. Making a reservation is no longer necessary. This also applies to people who take a bicycle or motorbike to the islands. The shipping company's age-old philosophy of free travel has therefore been restored. 

Passengers can continue to order ferry tickets online in advance. These tickets are valid on all days within the period of the year selected during the ordering process. The gates on the islands will be removed.

The other measures continue to be in force

Ger van Langen, director of WPD: “We welcome this decision, although we must stick to the other measures to keep the virus at bay. For example, all passengers aged 13 and over still have to wear a face mask in and around the terminals and on board our vessels. The plastic separations in the lounges remain in place and WPD continues to request passengers travelling by car to remain in their vehicle during the crossing."

Our advice: travel outside rush hours and arrive on time

In order to avoid the terminals getting overcrowded with large numbers of people waiting for the ferry, Wagenborg calls on all passengers to take note of the known peak times and days. If possible, plan your trip on another day. Also, make sure you’re on time, at least half an hour before the ferry's departure time. This increases the chance that you can sail on the desired crossing.

Have you already made a reservation?

WPD wants to let everyone who has made reservations for themselves, their bike or their motorbike, know that they have a seat on the departure they booked for. Should they wish to take another ferry than the one they booked for, they can contact Customer Service. In all cases: make sure you're on time!