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PRESS RELEASE: Shipping company Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten positive about decision cabinet:

23 June 2023

Ministry understands changes to the Ameland ferry timetable as a result of force majeure and prioritises a safe and navigable channel

Friday, 23 June 2023 – Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten (WPD) has responded positively to the letter which the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management sent to Parliament today about the necessary adjustments to the ferry timetable. The State Secretary understands that adjustments have to be made in the interest of safety.

WPD would prefer to see a structural solution, to ensure a safe and navigable channel as soon as possible, but is positive about the study that the Department of Public Works will carry out together with WPD and MARIN to improve accessibility. The study will look into options such as convoy sailing, the use of passing bays and the expansion of the arrangements under certain weather and tidal conditions. 

During the period of the study, which will take at least 6 weeks, the State Secretary understands the shipping company’s appeal to force majeure in the interest of safety.

“Safety always comes first,” the State Secretary explained to Parliament.

Even though it is an inconvenience and the accessibility of Ameland will be affected, WPD has decided to introduce a temporary force majeure timetable to guarantee the safety of their passengers. This new timetable which will come into effect on 27 June. Extra early and late departures will be added and other measures will be put in place to reduce the inconvenience for passengers as much as possible.

WPD will inform those passengers who have a reservation for one of the cancelled sailings immediately where possible (and publish the information on the website).

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