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Wagenborg sends a request for advice to local authorities and the consumer platform about the timetable adjustments

7 June 2023

On 7 June 2023, Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten (WPD) sent a request for advice to the local authorities and the consumer platform “Waddenveren Oost” in the context of the proposed structural adjustment of the timetable to/from Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

With this request for advice, WPD is sharing the latest insights and the current situation with the local authorities and the consumer platform, demonstrating the irresponsible safety risks of the current ferry connection to both crew and passengers. WPD considers the current situation to be unacceptable and sees the safety of this lifeline as a priority, just like the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management. For that reason, WPD had already asked the State Secretary, by letter of 26 May, to agree to an adjustment of the timetable and enforcement of one-way use of the channels.

This ferry connection is of great social importance to keep the islands accessible, and has to be both reliable and safe. Due to the urgent nature of the request for consent and the consent period of 4 weeks, it had not been possible to obtain advice from the local authorities and the consumer platform before. Nevertheless, WPD considers it important to engage in a dialogue and to hear their views on the proposed measures.


- Adviesaanvraag Voorgenomen Wijziging Dienstregeling Decentrale Overheden Overleg Waddenveren Oost


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